Texte GB

Tidal Bore

The idea that the artwork is found somewhere other than where it is expected, including by the artist originates from Gille Deleuze. This idea must consolidate and further permit us not to respond to the expectations of the current artistic milieu, which has been snared and poisoned by the capitalist system. Because what it does, is to acts towards an assertion that a work of art cannot be an answer, as in scientific inquiry, and one must not practice the art of enticement and dissimulation. It is rather « contrary to all expectations ». If the art work resolves a problem; it is more or less when equilibrium arrives internally that we can say it is finished, even if not completed.This proposition, does not exclude for us , an understanding of postmodernity in Bruno Latour sens. It forces us to consider the stakes of present, the consequences of modernization, in the construction of the products of the imagination. I think it is important to cast off the dead skin of modernity. It fabricates a dangerous and risky distance that we become subject to in the age of globalization.It is no more the cause of other cultures, the Amazonian Indians, than of ours. Modernity is swept along in a current of death, nothing left to see, with the stakes amusing those who saw it being born. Self proclaimed « contemporary art » can itself continue, with reactionary values for basic axioms.Contributing to bringing harmony into existence, in the sense of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, at least as a point of focus, demands a breath of the unforeseen. It is through traversal of interstices and crossing points that meaning emerges from links and can enable the unforeseen to emerge . To mix disciplines, artistic and non-artistic, without submitting of one to another is an attempt to move towards the problems common to these disciplines and to create current resistances, at the risk of appearing undisciplined.There is little space for the female artists in the French contemporary art world, outside of a certain tolerated type of work, the talk show guest relating her own fiction. More generally, there is a limit to space, a problematic in our societies. As long as words and objects can be snared and poisoned, exile is and can be a possibility, however limited to the temps of construction.

@Isabelle Roukette 2009
Translation by Anneleen Masschelein.